Save the Date for Our Sixth Annual Symposium!

Friday, August 30, 2019


Thursday, October 3rd, 2019
8 am – 7 pm
BRB II/III, Gaulton Auditorium


View the flyer  here

Symposium registrants may submit 40” x 60” posters. Poster abstracts (500 words max.) must be submitted to pcmp [at] by 9/23/19

Two Abstracts will be chosen for presentation during the symposium as well as a prize of $250

Register here:

“The Secrets of Intestinal Microbiota for Oncoimmunologists”
Laurence Zitvogel, MD, PhD - Gustave Roussy

Other Presentations Include:
“The Fiber-Microbiota-Butyrate Axis in Tumor Suppression”
Scott Bultman, PhD - University of North Carolina

“Tumors Remotely Control Gut Microbiota and Suppress Cancer Immune Response”
Andrea Facciabene, PhD - University of Pennsylvania

“Commensal Microbiota and Anti-Tumor Immunity”
Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD - University of Chicago

“Immune-Microbiota Interaction in Lung Cancer”
ChengCheng Jin, PhD - MIT, University of Pennsylvania

“Molecular Control of the Gut Microbiota to Improve Therapeutic Outcomes”
Matthew Redinbo, PhD - University of North Carolina

“Microbiome and Diet in Cancer Therapy”
Giorgio Trinchieri, MD - National Cancer Institute

“The Role of the Intestinal Microbiome in Allogenic Stem Cell Transplantation”
Marcel van den brink MD, PhD - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“The Role of the Microbiome in Response and Toxicity to Therapy”
Jennifer Wargo, MD - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center