High-Throughput Screening Core

High throughput screening of microbial metabolites

The High Throughput Screening Core has partnered with the PennCHOP Microbiome Program to assemble libraries of metabolites—many of which are microbial produced or modified—for use in screening assays. Penn and CHOP researchers provide the assays and the core carries out high throughput screening.  Contact Scientific Director Sara Cherry (cherrys [at] pennmedicine.upenn.edu) or the Technical Director Dave Schultz (dschultz [at] pennmedicine.upenn.edu) to get started.

Photo of test tubes


Annual PennCHOP Microbiome Pilot & Feasibility Projects

Each year the PennCHOP Microbiome Program matches with various partners to fund new and exciting research in the microbiome.

Please click here to see a list of 2017’s selected projects, and here to see a partial listing of the 2016 projects.

Ongoing microbiome research projects

“Transfer: Dissecting the interplay of MCH/HLA loci, the microbiota and autoimmune diabetes”
Michael Silverman, MD/PhD ; Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Funded by: National Institutes of Health

“Longitudinal analysis of respiratory tract microbiome change and sequence-based infection diagnosis during mechanical ventilation”
Brendan Kelly, MD; University of Pennsylvania (NIH)
Funded by: National Institutes of Health

“Role of Bacterial Urease in Host and Gut Microbiota Amino Acid Metabolism”
David Shen MD/PhD; University of Pennsylvania
Funded by: American Gastroenterological Association